ghc-6-2-1.msi broken?

Gour gour at
Sun Dec 28 20:59:56 EST 2003

After having problem in building ghc-6.2 from source tarball, I installed 
ghc-6-2-1.msi build and then tried to compile darcs with it, but, strangely
enough, configure script fails when trying to compile "Hello world!" program.

I tried to compile:

bash-2.05b# cat main.hs
module Main(main) where

main = putStrLn "Hello world!\n"

but ghc only produces main.hi file - no output file "main".

The same result within MSYS & MSDOS prompt.

However, the same 'program' compiles and produces executable on my Gentoo box.

It looks like Win32 build of ghc-6.2 is broken or am I missing something (being
still a ghc newbie in the begining stages of learning Haskell :-(


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