Making GHCi object files on MacOS

George Russell ger at
Tue Dec 9 17:35:45 EST 2003

ozone at wrote:
> On 10/12/2003, at 2:23 AM, George Russell wrote:
>> Section 4.10.3 of the GHC manual tells me to use
>>    ld -r --whole-archive
>> to convert a .a file into a .o file suitable for GHCi.  However
>> these options only work for GNU ld, which doesn't seem to be
>> available on MacOS
> The equivalent to GNU ld's --whole-archive option on Mac OS X is -all_load.

Thank you, that seems to work.  Now what should I do to prevent the GHCi linker
complaining about duplicate definitions for "__module_registered" (which
seems to be defined in some way in each object file)?

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