replacement of main

Simon Marlow simonmar at
Mon Dec 8 12:20:42 EST 2003

> ok, I guess this is not something you do every day;
> I am making a language binding for the library Allegro which has some
> weird things going on. I need to make a main() in C.
> so I followed the manual, I export my non-main haskell entrypoint
> and call it from the C main which basically is copy-paste from the
> docs.
> when I compile everything
> > ghc Halleg.hs Game.hs stub.c -L....(additional paths for allegro)...
>     -lalleg(a few libs needed) -no-hs-main -o game
> I get this cryptic error:
> ----
> tcLookup: 'main' is not in scope
> In the first argument of 'GHC.TopHandler.runIO', namely 'main'
> When checking the type of 'main'
> ----

Which version of GHC is it that you're using?


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