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Dear Sir 





My name is Anthony Edmundo a liberian nacional I was a former minister in the Government of President Charles Taylor. I am on the run due to the  iminent collapse of the Government in liberia as a result of the war.

My purpose of writing you is to solicit assistance from you for the safe keeping of   some money which I was able to bring out of liberia. This money,a total of $ 21.5m (twenty_one million,five hundred thousand U.S.

Dollars)only,is part of the proceeds we made from illegal sale of diamonds while in government.

I already have this money in a safe deposit with a security company here in  


The company has agreed to help me set up an account where I could deposit the

Fund,but for security reasons I can not set  up such bank  account in my name now.

Your country being my  final destination with my family,it therefore became natural for

Me to look for someone trustworthy in the your country who can keep custody of the fund until my entire family  is out of  liberia  and  finally  settle in your country

I  find it convinient to provide all logistics for  a smooth trnasfer of the  ownership of the fund to you,and the  subsequent  transfer  to your  bank account,

I will reward  you very handsomly with 17% of the total sum upon completion.

I would therefore propose  a meeting in Madrid with  you in order to discuss and

also draw a working agreement  between the two of us.If you are satisfied with  the agreement,we  may conclude the  transfer of ownership at the  same time, so that the  money could be  transfered to your  account pending my arrival in there for final disbursement.

I  look forward to hearing  your decision on this  matter  very quick .

Please I  beg of you to keep this  piece of information with you and treat it with  maximum confidentiality even in the event that you  are not able to assist me.

Thank you and God blees .

Yours sincerely,

Anthony Edmunds.