MR.DAVID OKOLO david_okolo@thepostmaster.net
Tue, 12 Aug 2003 03:37:48 -0700

Dear Sir=2FMadam=2C

I have been instructed by my colleagues to look for partners who
can assist us execute an urgent business transaction involving
huge profits and international cooperation=2E

We are interested in the importation of Solar 
Panels=2CAgricultural equipment and computer accessories=2EWe need a 
foreign partner who can assist us with the transaction involving 
US$31=2C 000 000=2E00=2Cwhich has been set-aside in an escrow account=2E 

We have resolved that a negotiable percentage will be your 
commission for participating in this transaction on our behalf 
and any other assistance you may give in this deal=2E A percentage 
will also be set aside from the entire sum to settle any 
expenses we may incur in the cause on these transactions=2E 

My colleagues and I are civil servants and as such=2C it is 
not=2Cpossible for any of us to operate a foreign account 
directly=2Chence we are soliciting your support=2E We propose to 
finalize the transaction in ten working days=2E

If this proposal is accepted please respond to us via e-mail to 
enable us provide you with the detailed modalities for the 
successful completion of the project=2E I would also suppose you'd 
prefer a voice contact which requires sending your telephone and 
fax numbers to facilitate the various processes=2E 

There is no risk involved we just need an international 
contact=2EMoreso=2Cit will be of great importance you provide me 
with your telephone=2Ffax details=2Cso we can have a more detailed 
conversation regarding the whole project=2EThis is my private email address=28david=5Fokolo=40thepostmaster=2Enet=29 of which i will like you to send your reply=2E

Finally=2C if you are not interested in this proposal=2CI apologize
on behalf of myself and my colleagues for any inconvenience=2E
Yours Sincerely=2C

David Okolo=28Dr=29