linker errors

Simon Marlow
Mon, 11 Aug 2003 10:27:38 +0100

> Passing "-O" flag to ghc has solved the problem for
> now.  But since a lot more code is yet to be written,
> I will keep my fingers crossed if the "-O" flag will
> continue to avoid the "undefined symbol" problem at
> the link-stage.
> Looking at the intermediate code generated by ghc with
> "-ddump-ds" option, it seems that ghc is generating
> code that groups functions involved in certain
> call-chains (whether contributing to recursion or
> not), difines them in a "__letrec" block, and puts
> them in a tuple, and generates outer definititons of
> these functions by using differfent elements in the
> tuple. =20

This bug has been fixed, sorry for not noticing before.  The fix wasn't
merged into 6.0.1, but it will be in 6.2.