link statically with libc?

Simon Marlow
Wed, 6 Aug 2003 14:42:48 +0100

> (PS: Am I looking in the wrong places, or are a lot of GHC options
> undocumented?  I seem to remember options being brandished about (turn
> of array bounds checking, tuning unboxing and stuff) that I'm unable
> to find documented anywhere.)

There might be one or two undocumented optimisation knobs, but I believe
everything that is actually useful is documented.  Anything undocumented
is either broken or experimental.

There isn't a flag to turn off array bounds checking - it would require
compiling against different libraries.  There are array operations that
avoid bounds checking, however (eg. unsafeRead, unsafeWrite).

The flags that affect automatic boxing/unboxing are
-funbox-strict-fields and -fno-strictness.