GHCi 6.0 buglet - segfault on input

Simon Marlow
Wed, 6 Aug 2003 12:31:47 +0100

> Yet another unimportant bug that you may or may not want to know
> about.  In GHCi 6.0 on Red Hat 9, when I (accidentally) hit a function
> key, GHCi segfaults.
> Apparently, the function keys insert 'ESC O x', with varying x's,
> perhaps it's the ESC that breaks GHCi?
> Okay, so it's no big deal.

Could be a readline bug, but I don't have a RedHat 9 system here to test
on.  Do you have any non-standard settings, eg. .inputrc?  What terminal

Anyone else see similar behaviour?