Sockets again

Keean Schupke
Wed, 30 Apr 2003 16:29:54 +0100

I think you are refering to problems with the semantics of the high 
level network IO, but
I have to say the problems I have encountered have maily to do with 
exception-handlers missing
in connectTo, accept, some low level socket functions from Handle.hs 
(finalizer on the wrong side,
missing exception handler in hClose) etc...

I am using a version of the libraries with all these problems patched 
(most of the fixes should have
been in 5.04.3, but for one reason or another some of them did not make 

With these patched versions I have been working on both client and 
server modules accross multiple
binary and ascii protocols, and I normaly use hGetContents for lazy 
reading, and hPutStr hPutChar etc
for writing... very much real world use - and I find them perfectly 
useful... Infact I see little need to go
deeper into the networking code. I would be interested to know why these 
functions are not useful?

    Keean Schupke.

C.Reinke wrote:

>>More generally, many of the higher-level I/O functions have been
>>over-simplified to the point where they're unsuitable for real-world
>would it be possible (i.e., would you or someone else who's
>already been through the problems be willing;-) to document the
>known problems with the high-level network functions? 
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