Problem Building Package

Simon Marlow
Wed, 30 Apr 2003 10:17:07 +0100

> I am having a bit of trouble builing local packages.
> I have three libraries, A, B, and C, that I want to make into local
> packages.  A and B depend only on base, while C depends on=20
> base, A, and
> B.
> The souces gets built with
> 	ghc --make -package-name=3DA {list of files}
> 	ghc --make -package-name=3DB {list of files}
> 	ghc --make -package-name=3DC {list of files}
> and I create the archives libHS[A,B,C].a  This all works fine.
> I have three simple .pkg.  If I add the dependencies into=20
> package-deps,
> then ghc-pkg says that the dependencies do not exist.  If I leave that
> blank, then I can create my local .conf file.

I can't tell what the problem is from this description.  Are the
dependencies between your packages, or on other packages?

It will help if you send us the .conf files, and cut-n-paste the exact
command lines and the errors GHC produces.