Modifying the simplifier

David Sabel
Wed, 2 Apr 2003 14:31:48 +0200

Is there an easy way to turn off some of the local transformations in
the simplifier?

The background:
I'm writing my master thesis about compiling the unsafePerformIO in a "safe"
in the ghc. For that I used a nondeterministic semantics which simulates the
After a lot of theoretical work it has pointed out, that some of the local
of the ghc are no longer correct (from my point of view). Now I want to
implement a prototype by
modifying the ghc. Especially the eta-expansion, case-elimination must be
turned off,
inling in general is'nt correct too, so I would like to turn it off for now
later modify the implementation for this transformation.

David Sabel
JWGU Frankfurt