Newbie building GHC

Mike Thomas
Tue, 24 Sep 2002 23:13:19 +1000


I said in my previous reply:

"Having said that, specifying the C compiler by your method is better as you
never know when a shell script or tool might temporarily modify the path.
(sh and /etc/profile being a known candidate for doing this behind your

In retrospect I think that unless "configure" is doing something really
tricky, if you want the Mingw32 "ar" and "ld" to be picked up instead of the
Cygwin equivalents then you must have the Mingw32 bin directory in your path
ahead of the Cygwin bin directory.

You should also remove the Mingw bin "make.exe" as it is seriously flawed
and will not suffice to do much at all, let alone build GHC.


Mike Thomas.

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| - Run the following following commands:
|     export PATH=/cygdrive/c/lang/mingw32/bin::${PATH}
|     make clean; ./configure --build=mingw >& configure.log

Uh oh.  You aren't following the instructions in Section 12.4 of the GHC
building guide!

(a) I believe that it's important to run autoconf
(b) I've never seen this --build option for configure.  What I use (as
the building guide says) is:

    ./configure --host=i386-unknown-mingw32 --with-gcc=/mingw/bin/gcc

You need to run configure in fptools/ghc first actually.  (No need to
autoconf there.)

What you did may work, but I am not confident in it.  For example where
are you saying where to find the (mingw) gcc that GHC should use?