Newbie building GHC

Dominic Cooney
Sat, 21 Sep 2002 22:52:41 +1000


I have been trying to build GHC, but the ghc.exe that gets built for 
ghc-inplace always exits with "Error 1". It *can* print its version 
number and the help, but building anything fails. The build fails 
making Adjustor.o from Adjustor.c.

I'm trying to build a cvs checkout fpconfig ghc hslibs on Win XP Pro, 
bootstrapping with the provided GHC 5.04.1 binary and Happy 1.13 binary.

I mentioned this to a colleague and he said he had exactly the same 
problem (ghc exits with error 1), on Windows and Linux, when building 
from source tarballs and CVS. We don't normally have any problems 
running the GHC binaries.

Can any of you suggest what we might be doing wrong? We are in the 
southern hemisphere, so our electrons may be orbiting backwards.

Ultimately, we are keen to play around with Meta Haskell, as our 
journal club is reading Template Metaprogramming in Haskell soon.


Dominic Cooney