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Seth Kurtzberg seth@cql.com
30 Oct 2002 15:55:52 -0700


On Solaris, you can build GNU C++ either way; that is, to use shared
libraries or linked libraries.  (In fact you can also build it to enable
both, and select one or the other at link time.)  So, this is certainly
worth checking.  The easiest way to check it is to run "ldd -r" on the

On Wed, 2002-10-30 at 15:53, Wolfgang Thaller wrote:
> Many platforms have the C++ runtime and the C++ standard library as a 
> static library (probably because the C++ ABI is not as stable as it 
> should be...). I think this applies to both Mac OS and to Windows 
> [mingw32], perhaps it's the same with Solaris.
> If that is the case, it would explain the problem, I think.
> GHCi can't load static libraries [yet - the ar format shouldn't be too 
> difficult to implement], so everything that's needed from static 
> libraries has to be linked into the ghc binary and probably also listed 
> in Linker.c (who else doesn't like those hard-coded symbol references?)
> Just my EUR 0.02 :-)
> Cheers,
> Wolfgang
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