5.04.2 schedule?

Simon Marlow simonmar@microsoft.com
Thu, 24 Oct 2002 17:29:12 +0100


We're wondering here whether we should push out 5.04.2 soon, or wait a
while and see what other bugs turn up.

Opinions, anyone?  Are any of the bugs in 5.04.1 really holding you up?
Here's a list of the bugfixes in 5.04.2 relative to 5.04.1:

  - Control.Exception.userErrors was wrong
  - derived Read with Maybe fixed
  - export TimeLocale constructor from Locale
  - network package fix for Network.Socket.inet_ntoa
  - GHCi: rdrNameModule panic
  - GHCi: getChar not interruptible with ^C
  - --make: unknown filenames on the command line are now passed
    to the linker
  - PowerPC/Darwin support is now up to date (?)
  - foreign exporting infix operators now works
  - missing strict fields in a record construction now works according
    to the report
  - memory allocator fix: eliminates the getMBlock panic
  - panics when using signals (signal handlers not being retained by
    the garbage collector).
  - main threads not retained long enough (HOpenGL panic)

and I'm hot on the trail of the heapCensus panic.