ghc --make -odir x -hidir x chooses strange location for x

Claus Reinke
Wed, 23 Oct 2002 22:38:00 +0100

>> I'd have expected -odir/-hidir to put files in directories relative
>> to the source directories. Is that an unreasonable expectation?
>in fact I've made that change in CVS.  However the changes are 
>too large to backport to 5.04.2, I'm afraid.

Great! What is the release schedule for 5.06?-)

>> 2) with static options not accepted in source file pragmas, I
>> often end up compiling everything with the superset of options.
>> Shouldn't it be possible to fork a new copy of ghc with new 
>> static options for parts of a ghc --make run?
>Which static options in particular do you need to change?

Just the usual suspects: -package mostly for me, the occasional
-O for sources from folks who have figured out which of their many
files really need/profit from optimisation.

Was interesting to look at the list again, though - in my memory,
the list of static flags was longer than it actually turns out to be.
-package seems to be the only one left that really hurts..

Well, and the lower level equivalents, of course: -i, -l, -L (these 
would be especially useful in combination with ghci: just have 
everything in one file, pass it to ghci and get going..).