A run-time problem?

Simon Marlow simonmar@microsoft.com
Fri, 18 Oct 2002 14:51:02 +0100

> I'm occasionally getting an error, when running a compiled program, I
> get:=20
> | fatal error: GetMBlock: misaligned block 0x401fe000 returned when
> | allocating 1 megablock(s) at 0xbff00000
> apparently, this only happens on one computer (Red Hat 7.1), and not
> others (Red Hat 7.2), which leads me to suspect it's a library issue.=20
> This is a known problem, yes?  Is it possible to resolve this, apart
> from upgrading the OS, or recompiling?=20

It looks like your program is using a *lot* of memory, because the
requested address is right near the top of the address space, and is
probably running into the stack, hence the failure.  Is that the case?

I'm looking into fixing one problem that results in the getMBlock
failure, but I don't think it'll help much in your case.