incremental linking?

Simon Marlow
Fri, 29 Nov 2002 10:35:49 -0000

> I too am getting link times in the several minutes range for=20
> my modestly
> sized project, I am on a standalone dual-cpu redhat linux box with
> 5.04.1 (no nfs, no nuttin')
> the project is available at
> I think there is definatly something fishy going on. I don't remember
> linking always taking this long, I just assumed I added a=20
> bunch of code
> to my project or something but linking takes longer than all the
> other compilation stages combined.

That's bizarre.  I just compiled your program on my laptop (Gentoo
Linux, gcc 3.2) and linking took 6-7 seconds.

John, what version of gcc/binutils is on your RedHat box?

I haven't been able to discern any pattern among those experiencing long
link times so far, except that -export-dynamic flag used by the dynamic
loader stuff seems to cause the linker to go off into space for a while.