incremental linking?

Claus Reinke
Wed, 27 Nov 2002 09:17:06 -0000

More fun with Haskell-in-the-large: linking time has become the
main bottleneck in our development cycle. The standard solution
would be to use an incremental linker, but it seems that gnu does
not yet support this:-|

Alternative a: use someone else's incremental linker, e.g., Sun's
ild (ghc's -pgml option appears to have its own idea about option
formatting, btw) - this doesn't seem to work - should it?

Alternative b: convince ghc to link objects in stages, e.g., on a
per-directory basis - gnu's ld seems to support at least this kind
of partial linking (-i/-r). Not quite as nice as a fully incremental
linker, but would probably save our day..

other alternatives?

In other words: could ghc (please;-) support incremental linking?