first stab at -ffunction-sections

Simon Marlow
Mon, 18 Nov 2002 11:55:27 -0000

> This could be an artifact of the -j64 (BTW, has anyone else=20
> noticed the
> makefiles can only keep 5 or 6 cpus busy at a time much of the time,
> and often less?).

There are probably still bugs in our build system w.r.t. make -jN.  I
occasionally use it to build the compiler, but rarely any other parts of
the system.

What exactly are you trying to use -ffunction-sections for?  I'm pretty
sure it won't work as things stand currently, unless you can guarantee
to be able to find a text/data boundary symbol for the garbage collector
(currently it has to be able to distinguish text from data, we're in the
process of lifting the restriction but it's a lot of work).