Nightly build snapshots available

Simon Marlow
Fri, 8 Nov 2002 10:49:46 -0000

> At 2002-11-07 06:10, Ralf Hinze wrote:
> >I would appreciate a little note saying "this snapshot is ok",
> >or "this one is horribly broken", or maybe "this one is a milestone",
> >if this is at all possible.
> Heh, I suspect that's for us to find out...

Well, most of the time you know as much as me :-)

I don't want to tag each snapshot with a personal certification of
stability because (a) most of the time I have no idea, (b) it's extra
work (I went to a lot of trouble to automate all this), (c) there are
likely to be cases exercised by your code but not by any of our tests,
and (d) the nightly build logs contain a nice testing report stating
which tests failed for each snapshot.

Currently, for example, we're running at about 7 test case failures out
of 3000-ish, and these failures are mostly harmless (floating-point
differences when programs are compiled with the native code generator).
The compiler is relatively stable at the moment, but your mileage may

(PS sorry about the lack of a source dist from last night's build again,
hopefully it'll appear tonight).