GHC ebuild done!

Sven Moritz Hallberg
Wed, 29 May 2002 18:20:16 +0200

On Wednesday 29. May 2002 17:07, you wrote:
> > With the help of the excellent new guide on porting GHC
> > (Thank you Simon!)
> > I have just created an ebuild for GHC. I thought I'd let you
> > know, in case
> > you're still working on it. I don't bootstrap GHC 5 directly
> > from HC files,
> > but GHC 4.08.3 (as some suggested) and go on from there. I've
> > submitted the
> > ebuild yesterday as Bug #3092 to the Gentoo Bugzilla. Feel
> > free to comment if
> > you want to look at it.
> Does this mean we can claim that Gentoo Linux is supported?

:) I hope it will mean that in the very near future. That is, once the eb=
is in Gentoo CVS. I'm currently waiting for that to happen, but they're=20
probably still waiting for their compile to finish... ;^)

> Is there a
> useful link I can add from the GHC download pages?

Hm. No. Ebuilds are the fundament of Portage, the central Gentoo Linux pa=
system, which is directly available to anyone running Gentoo Linux. Maybe=
can add a comment saying that all Gentoo users with a recent Portage tree=
now simply 'emerge ghc' for much Haskell fun. But, wait with that until t=
ebuild enters CVS. I'll make a seperate announcement to this liste once=20
that's happened.

So long,
Sven Moritz=20