Announce: HTk - a GUI toolkit for Haskell

Christoph Lueth
Wed, 29 May 2002 00:32:10 +0200

It is our pleasure to announce the release of

     HTk, a graphical user interface toolkit and library for Haskell.

=09    Version 0.98 (World Cup edition)

Htk is a typed, portable encapsulation of Tcl/Tk into Haskell. Its
distinctive features are the use of Haskell types and type classes for
structuring the interface, an abstract notion of event for describing
user interaction, and portability across Windows, Unix and Linux.

HTk is easily installed -- we provide precompiled binaries for Windows
& Linux on x86 and Sparc/Solaris.  All you need apart from one of these=

and a matching version of GHC (5.02.3) is a reasonable recent
installation of the Tcl/Tk interpreter "wish".

HTk should be particularly useful for teaching, but its reliability
and extensive functionality also make it useful in many Haskell
projects requiring easily designed graphical user interfaces.

This release is for version 0.98.  We hope to release version 1.00 in

The HTk Homepage is

There, you will find binary downloads, source downloads, documention,
and much more.

HTk is (C) Universit=E4t Bremen, 2002. All rights reserved.

Please do not hestitate to directed any further questions to=20

=09=09=09=09George Russell <>=20
=09=09=09=09Christoph L=FCth <>