profiling crashes my code

Ketil Z. Malde
02 May 2002 09:00:30 +0200

Hal Daume III <hdaume@ISI.EDU> writes:

> I'm in a profiling kind of mood (read: am sick of my program taking too
> long to run), but when I ghc with -prof -auto-all (or -auto or whatever),
> when I try to run my program it seg faults.  I don't want to attach all
> the code, since it's really long, but I *have* tested profiling on smaller
> programs and it works fine.  (Note that the program crashes regardless of
> whether I put +RTS -p or not.)

Okay, I've only just toyed with profiling myself, but one observation
I've made is that it's not a good idea to mix modules compiled with
profiling and modules compiled without. 

That is, always 'make clean' (i.e. 'rm -f *.o *.hi') before you build
with a new set of options.

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