No NoFib

Simon Marlow
Wed, 1 May 2002 14:54:44 +0100

> I can't find a tarred up release of the NoFib suite,  I can only find
> it in the CVS repository.  Is this intentional?
> The link from GHC's home page points to a very old page at Glasgow
> which doesn't give a link to the software.  (Perhaps the link in the
> paper still works - I haven't tried).

We haven't done releases of the NoFib suite for a long time - there
doesn't seem to be a need now you can get the sources from CVS.  We
generally tag NoFib at the same time as a GHC release, so to get the
NoFib sources that correspond to GHC 5.02.3, for example, 'cvs co
-rghc-5-02-3 nofib'.