GHC for MacOS X binary - ranlib and libgmp

Wolfgang Thaller
Wed, 27 Mar 2002 10:26:48 +0100

>You need to run ranlib on a bunch of the libHS*.a files.

Yes, I should have added that to the README. It seems that ranlib has 
to be rerun whenever those .a files are moved around...

>[...] Also, linking
>with ghc seems to need libgmp:
>Doing ranlib was easy, but I'm not sure about -lgmp. Was there supposed
>to be a libgmp.a included? I notice other ghc versions for MacOS X
>include a libgmp.a.

... and that's probably why libgmp was already installed on my 
system, and I never even thought about it. For now, you'll have to 
get it from "someplace else"...

I'm a little short on time this week... otherwise I would already be 
trying to get the profiler to work (last time I tried, it segfaulted).