Alastair David Reid reid@cs.utah.edu
18 Mar 2002 00:15:52 +0000

> Is there a way to compile the RTS so that the names of data
> constructors are retained?

My memory from a long, long time ago is that we had a debugging mode
which used libbfd to get symbol names and some GHC-demangling code to
turn those back into names like the user typed in.

> It looks like Printer.c has some hooks for printing data structures,
> is it feasible to make a primitive that allows Haskell code to call
> into this? I'm thinking in particular of calling something like
> printClosure() from Haskell code.

If it's a global symbol, you should be able to access it form the ffi.

If you want to traverse data structures the way you can using the
HugsInternals library, you might want to tweak the code a little to
provide a similar semantics/ API.  Basically, all you have to do is
take the C code and split it into handy bits.

Alastair Reid