how to specify gcc location on ghc command line?

Simon Marlow
Wed, 13 Mar 2002 11:08:44 -0000

> ghc-5.02.2 seems to need gcc-2.95.3, but here we have=20
> gcc-3.0.* per default.
> There IS a gcc-2.95.3 tree around, but how do I tell ghc about it?

You can use 'ghc -pgmcgcc-2.95.3' (unfortunately you can't leave a space
between -pgmc and gcc-2.95.3 because of a bug in the command-line
handling of this option in 5.02.2).

If you build GHC yourself, there's a configure-time option to select
which gcc to use, namely --with-gcc=3D<gcc>.