Concurrent Haskell (GHC) and Win32 Applications ?

Ketil Z. Malde
12 Mar 2002 08:11:13 +0100

"Sigbjorn Finne" <> writes:

>> Yes, that's true at the moment, but it's something that we expect
>> to fix shortly.  More precisely, Sigbjorn has been working on a
>> fix.  It relies on using an OS thread to make a potentially-blocking
>> call, so it's a robust fix.

> Modulo settling a couple of minor implementation details, I'd say it's done.
> To try it out, check out the fptools/ CVS sources, and configure & build
> it with the option --enable-threaded-rts

Ahem - how far would this be from a "real" multithreaded
implementation, i.e. one that could use a few OS threads to take
advantage of multiple CPUs in an SMP system?

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