Weird Activation Records (RTS wizards, please help!)

Simon Marlow
Wed, 6 Mar 2002 17:19:56 -0000

> I can't seem to get the Garbage Collector to work properly on MacOS X.
> When a program triggers the Garbage Collector, it aborts with the=20
> following message:
> a.out: fatal error: scavenge_stack: weird activation record=20
> found on stack: 0

I'd be willing to bet large amounts of money that this is due to the
macro LOOKS_LIKE_GHC_INFO() returning the wrong value.  Read the
comments in ghc/rts/Storage.h, particularly the sections on "Address
space layout macros" and "Macros for distinguishing code pointers from
data pointers".  In the latter section, unregisterised compilation on
MacOS X should be using Plan C.

(Sigbjorn - did you already solve this one?)