filepath mangling under Windows?

Sigbjorn Finne
Tue, 5 Mar 2002 09:19:26 -0800

"Malcolm Wallace" <> writes:
> >
> > Don't know where you get this "actively discouraging" bit from.
> I'm sorry, I just meant that it seems to be a little bit more
> difficult now to get GHC and Cygwin to interoperate than it once was.
> The situation as I understand it is this:
>     * A user has Cygwin as a preferred environment under Windows.
>     * This user has D:\ mounted in Cygwin as /d/.
>     * Most of the user's applications are found in the path /d/.
>     * But a pre-built GHC does not understand the /d/ paths.
>     * The user has tried changing their Cygwin environment to use
>       D:\ instead of /d/.
>     * Now GHC understands paths properly, but most of his other
>       applications now do not work because of the opposite path issue.
> What I'm wondering is whether the difficulty is a necessary one, or
> if it was unintentional, is there an easy fix?  From your suggestions,
> I guess there isn't an easy fix.

Right, somehow re-implementing cygwin's open() doesn't sound wise.

I don't understand why feeding GHC d:/foo rather than /d/foo has such
global ramifications for the user in Q.