filepath mangling under Windows?

Malcolm Wallace
Tue, 5 Mar 2002 15:54:17 +0000

> ghc-5.02.2 is not a cygwin application,

Whilst I was aware that GHC no longer requires Cygwin to run,
I didn't realise that it actively discourages use under Cygwin.
This issue arose because a Windows user would like to use `hmake'
with GHC, and the `hmake' installation currently requires Cygwin.
Is there really no possibility of using GHC in the Cygwin environment?

> so it won't
> understand paths like /d/foo -- it will understand
> d:/foo and d:\foo though.
> Internally, the compiler will canonicalise paths to
> 'platform-native' formats before passing them to
> external tools, which is why you see the slashes
> reversed.

As far as I understand the Windows filesystem (which I admit is not
very far at all), \d\foo is not a canonical pathname, so why is GHC
generating it?

Thanks for looking into these issues, Sigbjorn.