Raw Sockets

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Thanks for the reply.

I wanted to send ICMP packets. Linux does support AF_RAW. This compiles and
runs on my linux system.

       * Create the socket.
     if ( (proto = getprotobyname("icmp")) == NULL)
          err_quit("unknown protocol: icmp");
      if ( (sockfd = socket(AF_INET, SOCK_RAW, proto->p_proto)) < 0)
            err_sys("can't create raw socket");


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> How do I use raw sockets? According to the documentation I
> can use AF_RAW.
> It also refers the user to the implementation in
> fptools/hslibs/net/SocketPrim.lhs. Do I really need to do
> this and if so
> how do I get it?

The SocketPrim library (aka Network.Socket) really only supports AF_INET
and AF_UNIX.  Many of the other AF_ things are quite system-dependent;
eg. Linux doesn't have AF_RAW.

The documentation is a bit slack, although it does mention at the top of
the Family(..) definition that "your mileage may vary depending on the
OS you use".

Do you really want a raw socket, or will a datagram (UDP) socket do?  If
so, you can just pass Datagram as the SocketType argument to

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