GHC on MacOS X

Wolfgang Thaller
Sat, 2 Mar 2002 23:21:36 +0100 (MET)

Hello all,

I've spent a day compiling ghc (5.03, checked out from CVS a few days ago)
on MacOS X 10.1.
The results: another unregistered build, a PowerPC implementation
of createAdjustor (foreign export dynamic now works!).

I needed to modify a total of six files:
File: Adjustor.c       	Status: Locally Modified
File: ClosureFlags.c   	Status: Locally Modified
File: Main.c           	Status: Locally Modified
File: Storage.h        	Status: Locally Modified
File: Posix.hs         	Status: Locally Modified
File: Socket.hsc       	Status: Locally Modified

Most of my modifications are ugly hacks, I still need to clean them up.
I would appreciate some advice on how to do that and how to submit
them for inclusion.
Yes, I can read the man page for diff, but are there other things I need to
know when sending in a patch?

Socket.hsc refused to compile because on MacOS X, sigaddset() is a macro
that chokes if its parameter is a void*. I added a wrapper function in a
small C header file, but that's really ugly. What's the "proper" way?

And for some reason, Apple's version of gcc refused to accept the
syntax used in ClosureFlags.c.

My modifications in Main.c and Storage.h are closely based on those in the
MacOS X compile of GHC 5.00.2.

I also got a compiler panic on one of my own modules I tried to compile.
I'll post that to ghc-bugs, as I somehow don't think it has to do with
the PPC port.

What I really need, of course, is a registered compiler... I'm even prepared
to learn some Perl to do that, but for now I don't really have a clue what
do - I don't know enough about Intel/Sparc assembly language and runtime
conventions to find out from the code without a few hints - can anyone
give me a few pointers what the mangler is supposed to do _exactly_?


Wolfgang Thaller

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