GHCI Can't Find Module But GHC Can

Alastair Reid
27 Jun 2002 13:43:31 +0100

> I agree it can be delicate, but there is no real need for a full
> Haskell parser.  For instance, hmake manages just fine with a
> simplified parser that understands only token streams introduced by
> the keyword 'import' at the beginning of a line, modified by
> respecting cpp directives and Haskell comments.

It's true that many people layout their code in such a way that this
will work.  

I imagine it'd be a major burden to add (and, more significantly,
maintain) a Haskell parser to hmake since it almost certainly has no
other need for one but GHCi already contains a parser.  (You don't
need a full parser - just enough to parse module headers but still...)

But ghci already contains a Haskell parser - so it should be much less