Building GHC / Happy

Rafael Martínez Torres
Wed, 26 Jun 2002 09:51:19 +0000

This is a very useful hack to bootstrap GHC, at least for minor

If you have the autoconf utility avalaible on your box:

-which autoconf
-type autoconf   ( under bash shell )

try as follow:

1) Remove configure file   ( rm configure) 
2)Open the file fptools/aclocal.m4

>dnl Check for Happy and version.
>AC_CACHE_CHECK([for version of happy], ac_cv_happy_version,
>[if test x"$HappyCmd" != x; then
>   ac_cv_happy_version="`$HappyCmd -v |
>changequote(, )dnl
>                          grep 'Happy Version' | sed -e 's/Happy Version \([^ ]*\).*/\1/g'`" ;
>changequote([, ])dnl
>   ac_cv_happy_version="";
>if expr "$ac_cv_happy_version" "<" 1.4 > /dev/null 2>&1; then
>   echo
>   echo "Happy version 1.4 or later is required to compile GHC."
>   exit 1               <====== THIS LINE ==============>   

2)Delete the line "exit 1"....

3) run autoconf  ( autoconf ) under fptools


Otherwise, if you don't have autoconf avalaible, you can just edit the
configure script by hand... Search for the string
"Happy"  and delete the "exit 1" ...

Once you have bootstraped ghc, you will be able to build Happy...
Mike Hogsett wrote: