HGL with GHC in Win32

Alastair Reid reid@cs.utah.edu
24 Jun 2002 16:59:59 +0100

> Would that be in the released Greencard or only in the cvs version?

In the CVS version only AFAIK.

> So the Win32 sources could now be regenerated and future builds and
> releases wouldn't run into these problems with Win32 or HGL anymore?

I believe so.

> -------------------------------------------------------------------
>>>> Just as long as someone remembers to do the re-greencarding <<<
> -------------------------------------------------------------------

> in cvs: hslibs/win32 before the next release,

I'll do that tonight.  (Not sure if I can test it that soon but I
figure I can't break it any worse than it already is.)

> please, because that won't happen automatically anymore (but then I
> may be wrong about this - I don't understand the fptools Makefiles,
> yet;-).

My assumption is that the machine generated files are in the repository 
so that they don't have to install greencard on their test machines
so, yes, I'd guess that's right.

[btw GHC folks.  Instead of putting greencard-generated code into the
CVS repository, why don't you run the CVS copy of GreenCard using Hugs
- I do it all that way all the time.  That'd avoid the cyclic
dependency between building GreenCard and building the libraries.
It's a small extra requirement to install Hugs on your test machines
but we only do one or two releases a year and GreenCard works fine
with all of them.  I'm sure it runs just as well under NHC if you'd
prefer that route.  Or you could even compile GreenCard with the copy
of GHC you use to build GHC with.]

> PS. I still have to figure out how to make hslibs/win32 in isolation, 

This seems like a common need for which there should be a standard 
plan of attack.  Sadly, I don't know it.

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