HGL with GHC in Win32

Alastair Reid reid@cs.utah.edu
24 Jun 2002 15:15:14 +0100

>> The size problem is traceable to [Greencard's ffi code generation]

> The problem seems to be present in the current repository.

> Hmmm, I distinctly remember tracking this down and fixing it but it
> doesn't look like I committed the change - I'll check in the
> morning.

I took a look at this and found that Sigbjorn had fixed it some months
ago - but I was using it wrong.

Building GDITypes with this command:

  green-card --target=ffi -i. --include-dir ../../green-card/lib/ghc -i . GDITypes.gc

(Very important to use the ghc directory here                    ^^^)

generates correct code for prim_RGB (the problem Hal Daume ran into).
and for Win32Window.adjustWindowRect

If you use ../../green-card/lib/hugs on the command line, you'll get
incorrect code.  This hasn't been affecting Hugs up till now because
the ffi target didn't work with Hugs anyway.  I'm hoping we'll be able
to merge the GHC and Hugs versions of StdDIS.gc into a single FFI