HGL with GHC in Win32

Alastair Reid reid@cs.utah.edu
14 Jun 2002 21:03:12 +0100

S J Thompson <S.J.Thompson@ukc.ac.uk> writes:
> Can anyone help? I would like to run a program using the Haskell
> Graphics Library under GHC on Windows. HGL is listed as a package
> (when ghc is asked about its packages) but not actually distributed
> as a package with ghc-5.02.3. On trying to remedy this,

> 	- I am able to compile HGL by hand on windows, but on
> executing the HelloWorld.hs the program hangs: nothing happens.

> 	- HGL doesn't appear to compile on unix (solaris).

> I'd be grateful for any feedback.

I feel bound to say that feedback would come faster if you started
with the author of the package or at least copied your request to the
author.  I only became aware of this when I did because Simon Peyton
Jones was good enough to forward your mail to me.

I haven't built HGL for GHC anytime recently so I didn't have a ready
to run solution handy.  Attached is a hastily cobbled together
Makefile for Unix.  To use it:

1) Install GreenCard (the makefile assumes it is in $HOME/local but
   you can change that easily).

2) Download graphics-2.0.4 from the web site.

3) Copy this Makefile into graphics-2.0.4/lib/x11/Makefile.ghc

4) make -f Makefile.ghc clean

5) make -f Makefile.ghc demo

6) ./demo

A similar Makefile should work for Windows but I don't have a Windows
installation of GHC at the moment so I can't test it.

There are the makings of a GHC package description file in the Xlib
source code (hslibs/xlib/xlib.conf.in) but the code rotted quickly
after Xlib was removed from the standard GHC hslib build (about a day
after it was added).

Alastair Reid         Reid Consulting (UK) Ltd

default: demo


GCDIR		= $(HOME)/local/green-card

HC = ghc
GCLIBDIR        = $(GCDIR)/lib/ghc

GC_SRCS         = $(wildcard *.gc)
HSGC_SRCS       = $(addsuffix .hs,  $(basename $(GC_SRCS)))
HS_SRCS         = $(wildcard *.hs) $(HSGC_SRCS)
C_SRCS          = $(wildcard cbits/*.c)
OBJS            = $(addsuffix .o,  $(basename $(HS_SRCS) $(C_SRCS)))

SRC_HC_OPTS     += -fglasgow-exts -fvia-C 
SRC_HC_OPTS     += -syslib data
SRC_HC_OPTS     += -syslib text

SRC_HC_OPTS    += -monly-3-regs
# SRC_HC_OPTS    += -package greencard

# compiling via the ghc target has historically been the most reliable 
# approach
SRC_GC_OPTS    += --target ghc 
#SRC_GC_OPTS    += --target ffi

SRC_GC_OPTS    += --include-dir $(GCLIBDIR)


.SUFFIXES	: .gc .hs .o .hi .lhs

%.hs : %.gc
	$(GREENCARD) $(SRC_GC_OPTS) $< -o $@
%.o	        : %.hs
		$(HC) $(SRC_HC_OPTS) $(EXTRA_HC_OPTS) -c $< -o $@
%.o	        : %.lhs
		$(HC) $(SRC_HC_OPTS) $(EXTRA_HC_OPTS) -c $< -o $@
%.hi		: %.o

	rm -f $(HSGC_SRCS)

objs: $(HSGC_SRCS) $(OBJS)


demo : $(DEMO) $(OBJS)

depends.mk	: $(HS_SRCS)
	$(HC) -M -optdep-f -optdepdepends.mk $(SRC_HC_OPTS) $^

-include depends.mk