Updating the net package

D.J.Steinitz D.J.Steinitz@ukc.ac.uk
Thu, 13 Jun 2002 11:51:02 +0100

	> However, I'm still confused. If I look at
	> then it although it has a different name it says it's the same thing
	and I
	> couldn't find anything called SocketPrim.hsc.

	The network library moved from hslibs/net to libraries/network after
	version 5.02.x.  libraries/network/Network/Socket.hsc is what used to be
	hslibs/net/SocketPrim.hsc.  The contents of hslibs/net is now just stubs
	that re-export the new libraries, so someone using the old interface
	still gets the same stuff.

Ok but in that case the revisions and branches reported by cvs stat seem to be
different than those in the web page. For example, cvs stat reports 
ghc-5-02-2 as revision but the web page only has a revision 1.12.
How do the web pages tie up with what you get from cvs checkout?

	> I think from what you said in one of your previous emails that I need
	> build the whole of ghc. Am I correct? If so I think I follow the
	> instructions in the building guide unless there is some other
	> you think I should look at?

	The building guide is the right place to look.