And so it begins... (ghc-5.04 bootstrapped for sparc-unknown-linux)

Simon Marlow
Tue, 30 Jul 2002 14:09:28 +0100

> michaelw@repo ~/debian/ghc5/ghc5-5.04/build-stage1/
> [225]% uname -a
> Linux repo 2.4.18 #11 Mon Jun 17 20:37:46 CEST 2002 sparc64 unknown
> michaelw@repo ~/debian/ghc5/ghc5-5.04/build-stage1/
> [226]% echo 'module Main where main =3D putStrLn "Hello,=20
> World!"' > Main.hs
> michaelw@repo ~/debian/ghc5/ghc5-5.04/build-stage1/
> [227]% ghc/compiler/ghc-inplace Main.hs       =20
> /tmp/ghc27784.hc:53: warning: initialization discards=20
> qualifiers from pointer target type
> michaelw@repo ~/debian/ghc5/ghc5-5.04/build-stage1/
> [228]% ./a.out
> Hello, World!
> michaelw@repo ~/debian/ghc5/ghc5-5.04/build-stage1/
> [229]%=20

WOOHOO!!!  Impressive stuff, congrats Michael.

> What works:
>   * unregisterized compilation:
>     I had to be a bit creative with the LOOKS_LIKE_GHC_INFO stuff
>     (which is one fragile piece of sh^H^Hcode... ;)),

You'll be glad to know that all going according to plan, we'll be able
to remove this dependency from the RTS before too long.  We're planning
some changes to the tail-call mechanism that means stack-walking will no
longer need to be able to distinguish between code and data pointers.

>   * make bootstrapping work with uh... less hand-waving,
>     praying/swearing in the general direction of Glasgow, etc. ;)

We're definitely interested in doing this.  BTW, swearing at Glasgow
won't get you very far, since we're in Cambridge :-p