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Martin Norbäck
30 Jul 2002 14:48:59 +0200

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tis 2002-07-30 klockan 14.41 skrev MR K P SCHUPKE:
> Is there any way to do a lazy bind operation, something like
>     a <- $ getLine
>     return (Constructor $ a)
> this works for computations in the IO monad :-
>     a <- unsafeInterleaveIO getLine
>     return (Constructor $ a)
> but I need to do this for a general monad M.

Remember that the syntax

  a <- getLine
  return (Constructor a)

is just sugar for

  getLine >>=3D \a -> return (Constructor a)

so actually the bind is already lazy (lamba binding is lazy). The
laziness of the construction here will depend on your definition of >>=3D
for the monad in question. Since the point of the IO monad is to
sequentialize IO operations, >>=3D will definititely not be lazy there.

Perhaps if you give a concrete example of what you want to do, people
could help you more.



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