Problems dealing with GHC incompatibilities

George Russell
Fri, 26 Jul 2002 18:15:18 +0200

Simon Marlow wrote:
> Our nightly builds run a 3-stage bootstrap and then the whole test
> suite, so you usually have a pretty good idea by the end whether the
> compiler is a good 'un or not.
> You can checkout the scripts we use for the nightly builds from CVS:
> just 'cvs co nightly'.  Setting up your own build using these scripts is
> fairly painless; Malcolm Wallace did it recently for Sparc to bolster
> our Sparc support a bit.
I don't think I really have the CPU time available to run this sort of thing;
I am already using most of the night recompiling UniForM (and having the nightly backups
coming in and stamping on everything with hobnailed boots doesn't help either).
Could someone set such a nightly build up on a free Sparc or Linux machine, and make
the built binaries available to everyone when they succeed?