Manuel M T Chakravarty
Thu, 25 Jul 2002 12:19:31 +1000 (EST)

Hal Daume III <hdaume@ISI.EDU> wrote,

> Doesn't look like it.  I looked around the full archive and the only
> mention of destructArray is from Marcin's post from March 2001:
> > If not, I'm going to add also destructArray and destructArray0 to
> > MarshalArray, and lengthArray0 while I am at it (it was used internally
> > so it makes sense to be provided separately), and document it.

See the thread started with

It proposes to remove the destruct functions.

> Regardless, it would be nice if functions were first deprecated and then
> removed.  

Mea culpa.  I have usually deprecated dying FFI functions
first, but obviously screwed it up here.  Sorry.