Simon Marlow
Wed, 24 Jul 2002 18:10:21 +0100

> Regardless, it would be nice if functions were first=20
> deprecated and then
> removed.  I'm really wishing at this point that I hadn't=20
> upgraded to ghc
> 5.04; most of my programs no longer compile due to the library
> restructuring and for every function I use that's not pure Haskell 98
> (which is a fair amount, unfortunately), I've had to grep around the
> imports directory to find out where it moved to.

Hmm, I tried quite hard not to break too much stuff in 5.04.  That's why
all the old hslibs are still there, and they still supply virtually the
same APIs that they did in 5.02.  Specifically, what broke for you?

> I don't mean to point a
> finger at anyone for this, but I was expecting either a smoother
> transition or for the version number of GHC to change=20
> significantly.  A
> minor version change should not break programs (imo).

5.02->5.04 is a major version change :-)  We only promise not to break
APIs in patchlevel releases (eg. 5.04->5.04.1 won't break anything).

> Sorry for the tirade, but I'm pressured to get some code out=20
> soon and this isn't helping things.

Not at all, we appreciate the feedback.  I'm surprised that you're
having so much trouble though.