comparison of execution speed of array types

Manuel M T Chakravarty
Tue, 23 Jul 2002 15:32:37 +1000 (EST)

Hal Daume III <hdaume@ISI.EDU> wrote,

> clearly IOMutArray is the best, even outperforming the
> UnboxedArray.  Unfortunately, writing code in the IOMutArray format is
> much uglier than writing it in the UnboxedArray or NormalArray formats,
> even though I know that I'm never going to refer to an old version of the
> array, so inplace updates are a-okay.
> So my question is: how can I get better performance without wrapping
> everything in the IO (or some other) monad?

<Shameless Plug>
  This question is the motivation for our work on optimising
  array codes: <>
  Unfortunately, I can't point you to a web site where you
  can download everything ready to run, but the plan is to
  have some library code for more general consumption ready
  in the next couple of weeks.
</Shameless Plug>