Docs missing?

Michael Weber
Mon, 22 Jul 2002 01:19:25 +0200

Package: ghc5-doc
Version: 5.04-1
Severity: minor

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* Jorge Adriano <> [2002-07-21T23:09+0100]:
> 1. The User's Guide: 
> file:/usr/share/doc/packages/ghc/docs/users_guide/users-guide.html
> The correct link is actually:
> file:/usr/share/doc/packages/ghc/docs/users_guide/users_guide/users-guide.html

In the ghc5-doc Debian packages these files live under:

To install the html docs I used:

        $(MAKE) -C build-stage$(MAXSTAGE) \
                install-docs \
                prefix=$(CURDIR)/$(destdir)/$(prefix) \
with 'SGMLDocWays="html dvi ps"' in mk/

Unfortunately, the link does not work here either, since the file
users-guide.html is named book1.html :( .  But that's another problem,
I think, and likely related to docbook-utils.

> Base: file:/usr/share/doc/packages/ghc/docs/base/index.html
> Haskell98: file:/usr/share/doc/packages/ghc/docs/haskell98/index.html
> Network: file:/usr/share/doc/packages/ghc/docs/network/index.html
> Haskell-src: file:/usr/share/doc/packages/ghc/docs/haskell-src/index.html

> None of this links work. I can't find the libraries documentation anywhere in 
> file:/usr/share/doc/packages/ghc/docs/

Their counterparts all work on Debian.

> Same goes to hslibs - the "old haskell libraries".
> file:/usr/share/doc/packages/ghc/docs/hslibs/book-hslibs.html

Same as before - the file is called book1.html here.

Sad enough, in the Debian happy package I fixed^Wkludged around this
some time ago (in 1.11-2).  From debian/rules:
# grrr, this changes every now and then :(
sgmldocindex   := book1.html

Unless anyone objects, I'll delay fixed Debian packages until 5.04.1 is