make -j2 fails on SMP with ghc-5.04

Sven Moritz Hallberg
Tue, 16 Jul 2002 16:30:23 +0200

On Monday 15. July 2002 12:38, Simon Marlow wrote:
> > I have a dual Athlon box, make -j2 fails, but make works.
> > Is that normal?
> I did some tweaking to the build system to help -jN builds, but I
> haven't tested a complete build this way.  Whereabouts does it fall ove=
> for you?

I also experienced such a strange failure with -j2 on my uniprocessor Ath=
The problem was the glafp-utils/mkdependC/mkdependC script that is genera=
during the build. The build gave a seemingly senseless error message so I=
looked at the script. Appearently, to concurrent make processes had tried=
assemble it simultaneously, generating a pretty twisted version.

Sven Moritz