Jorge Adriano
Fri, 19 Jul 2002 12:31:40 +0100

On Friday 19 July 2002 12:10, George Russell wrote:
> Would it be possible to bring the DeepSeq library into the libraries
> distributed with GHC?  (I think Dean Herington is responsible for it.)
> Of course it's easy enough to drop it into one's own program (I am just
> about to do this) but
> (1) It is fairly common to want to force deeper evaluation.
> (2) DeepSeq is simple enough to be dropped in the GHC distribution, wit=
> it causing much trouble or making it much bigger.
> (3) At the same time, it is not so simple that it can be reimplemented =
in a
> couple of lines.

Beeing able to derive instances of DeepSeq would be nice too.