RTS interface followup...

Simon Marlow simonmar@microsoft.com
Wed, 17 Jul 2002 10:40:28 +0100

> Have got the rts stuff to compile by including=20
> .../ghc-5.04/HSlang.o on the
> compile command line. I think this means the linker is not=20
> including the
> object
> with defines Addr_Azh_con_info when it links the library (only objects
> actually
> referenced from an archive library get included in the final=20
> binary) however
> including
> the .o forces all the code in the library to be included. It=20
> looks like a
> problem with
> the arguments ghc passes to the linker, however passing -optl=20
> --undefined
> Addr_Azh_con_info
> (should force the linker to output the code containing the=20
> definiton) made
> no difference,
> so I'm a little confused by that.

I'm a bit hazy about this - I remember you were working on doing some
dynamic linking of Haskell code, but could you explain in more detail
exactly what it is you're doing, and at what point the error is

The Addr type is deprecated, so please don't use it if possible.